Negotiating a package

From experience, this can be a complex and sometimes precarious part of the process.

If you are dealing directly with a company or through a recruiter, there are some very important points to follow.

  • Sometimes a client will start with their 1st and best offer. Above all else, you need to know when this is the case. A good recruiter, should be able to give you the right advice. The wrong advice, could cost you an offer, if you push too hard.
  • As above, sometimes a client will start a little lower and it’s a “kicking off point”. As above, you must know, which scenario you are in. Offers can be revoked; be careful.
  • During the process, before offer stage. Draw two lists. Your current total package number; broken down into all parts. Highlight the most important points to you. Whether it be Healthcare, or pension. Typically basic salary is where most candidates will focus. Take you current basic salary. 5% to 15% is the typical increase on basic you can expect. If you are on €50,000. Expect an increase of between 2,5k to 7.5k. There are sometimes exceptions to this.
  • Give the company options. Show them your logic. Don’t just push back with a number. If they understand your logic, they are more likely to engage.
  • If you are happy with the offer. Take the offer. Do not push back, because you feel you should.