How to Deal with Agencies as a Hiring Company

This might seem strange coming from a Recruiter, but there are recruiters that can add value to your search and adversely those who can have a potentially negative effect. This is especially relevant to companies recruiting.

The following are points of best practice on using a recruiter.

  • Are they a specialist in the area? If not, you may encounter a slick sales pitch, with no real understanding of the task at hand, and no ability to network effectively. They will understand the fit and how to sell the proposition.
  • Never use a volume recruiter. If a recruiter’s process is to recruit in volume; contacting high numbers of candidates at pace, it is a certainty that they will do more harm than good. Contacting the wrong candidates, kills the equity of the role and marginalises the stronger fit candidates.
  • Treat the recruiter as an extension to your team. The closer the interaction, the more motivated and dedicated that recruiter will be. When it comes to prioritising, they will dedicate more time to the clients they have a stronger relationship with.
  • If you decide purely based on price, you may get what you pay for. A recruiter working on a lower margin, is more likely to be working a volume of roles, and you will get a tiny fraction of their workable hours.
  • Bring the recruiter in, introduced them to stakeholders, build the relationship and ensure their best efforts
  • Ask for a referral. The vast majority of clients we work with, were referred by other clients.