How to time a recruitment process

Just to qualify this; we are not telling you how to run the process. These are simply, learned truths and best practice, that can help ensure an engaged candidate and smooth and successful process.

  • In general; a candidate will stay engaged for a 3 to 4 week period. If a candidate is in more than one process, you may not have this information. The longer your process the higher potential risk of losing your preferred pick.
  • Never more than one day from interview to feedback of some kind. In candidate terms, no feedback, or delayed feedback means lack of interest. Do not rely on a candidate working to your schedule.
  • Three rounds is optimal with potential for online assessments, if needed. Most research would suggest 4+ rounds, take away, rather than add to the process. If possible, ensure all key stake holders can be involved early in process.
  • If you have a secondary candidate after final round; the clock is ticking. If you go to offer with your number one pick; secure the acceptance and soft copy contract. Candidates will know after 2 days, if they are not the 1st pick; this can change there interest in a role. A smart recruiter can help manage this.
  • Always, ensue the candidate has stepped out of other processes before taking a secondary candidate out of the list.