How to Deal with Agencies as a Candidate

This might seem strange coming from a Recruiter, but there are recruiters that can add value to your search and adversely those who can have a potentially negative effect.

The following are points of best practice on using a recruiter.

  • If they don’t want to meet you. If they don’t display a deep insight into the role and client. If they seem to just want your CV at all costs and sell every role as a perfect fit. Beware.
  • A recruiter that has not worked in your industry is far less likely to have an understanding of your fit and the role. Find someone with expertise, not just a volume player.
  • Potentially work with more than one recruiter. No recruiter works with all options in the market. A possible exception to this would be a niche defined vertical, with a specialist recruiter.
  • The recruiter works for you. Remember this. They should be available to add value to your search; not just when they need you.
  • Recruiters should be a conduit between you and the right company that fits you and the role that will develop and challenge you. This means a non-transactional interaction.
  • The recruiter is one part of the puzzle. Companies using direct hiring also, so cover your bases.
  • Ask for a referral from another candidate or contact. Almost all of our clients and candidates are referred to us by other satisfied sources.
  • Make it easy for the recruiter to represent you. Take their advice, keep the dialogue open. It’s a two way street.