The Launch of the Spirit Executive Tech Hub!

Connecting Leading Employers With The Top Tier of Tech Talent

The launch of the Spirit Executive Tech Hub is finally here! With two of Spirit’s employees, Maria Sweeney and Tracy Riordan having come from the world of SaaS (they actually met when they were both hired as part of the original 10 employees of HubSpot Dublin back in 2012) they came back together in 2020 to build the Spirit Executive Tech Hub – a SaaS recruitment arm of the business specialising in start-up and scale-up SaaS companies. “The vision is simple – partner with a select number of clients who we genuinely feel passionate about and get deep into understanding their culture and what their employer brand represents. Then, we go and find the best people to fit that mission.”

In addition, we bring a unique offering through our partnership with the Code Institute -to help connect hiring companies who want a steady, predicable pipeline of entry-level Support Engineers, Developers and Pre-Sales Engineers with graduates of the Full Stack Diploma course.

If you want to learn more about the launch of the Spirit Executive Tech Hub and why you might want to get to know us, visit our dedicated site